Aamir khan going to perform Hajj with His mother

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Amir khan is going to perform hajj with him mother is a biggest news in Bollywood and its unbelievable for us. Because recently he shooted films TALASH and DHOOM 3. We almost listening this sentence from Amir's mouth is "I Wanna go to perform Hajj with my Mother" finally this time coming now and he and his mother is going to Perform Hajj as a Muslim. But i am thinking about Bollywood other stars ! What they are thinking about Amir Khan ? Huh Don't worry they don't care about any person what any one is doing etc. So who want to perform Hajj and who are going to perform Hajj. Amir Khan and his mother going today but when come our turn to go the MECCA for HAJJ. Hajj is "Fard" Prayer on Every Muslim as Amir khan and Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and etc Muslim Bollywood stars.

There are four more "FARD" prayers on Muslims its called SHAHADA, NAMAZ, ROZA, ZAKAT.

When i was visiting On Happyclub's Official blog i was seeying this.

According to The News Tribe : Amir Khan promised his mother to go to Mecca for hajj when he asked her mother’s wish and her mother said that she want to offer a Hajj with him. Aamir Khan going to Offer Hajj with his mother and he is extremely closed to his mother and after the death of his father Tahir Husain in February 2010. So he promised his mother they will have a trip to Mecca where they offer a hajj.

Who wanna Go to perform Hajj with Amir khan ??? Tell us In Comments

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