What is Google Affiliate Network and how we can earn from it

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Google affiliate Ads network basically discovered for exact ads. With this program advertisers can advertise your business like Google Adwords and publisher can earn money from your blog like Google Adsense. Its means if your blog is about mobiles so its showing Mobiles Ads. Google discovered this programs allots of years ago but now its available in UK. But in Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi and some more countries blogger's are trying to use this for some more earning from your blog's content. You can in Pakistan, India (Hindustan) and some others countries their bloggers are spending them time and generating a good quality content for their blog to earn some money and increase their power from Money. Google always helps to blog owners via providing to them Google Adsense Accounts. You know very well about Google Adsense ! Its publisher program from Google. You also knew about Google Adwords ! Its a advertising program from Google for the help of Companies to Advertise their business through Google's search results and some Blog's which owner have Google Adsense accounts. So this Google Affiliate Network program is also like Adsense. When your posting on your blog you will be able to see Google affiliate ads besides your blog post, If you are posting post about IPAD so affiliate network is showing ads about IPAD.

How much I can Earn from Google Affiliate ?

A lots of blog owners ask to me ! how can they can earn from this affiliate program. I always tell to them, Its depend on your blog's post, your topic, your content, your blog's traffic.

How Google Affiliate works ?

Its works like other affiliate programs like Ebay, Amazon, Apply affiliate program. You can monetize your blog through google affiliate ads network. But it is high paying then others. Its also depend on Product cost. Because its from Google.

Who can join Google Affiliate network ?

Everyone can join this network who have Google Adsense account and who have a good amount of traffic. But remember this offer is not in Pakistan, India etc countries.

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